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Monday, April 21, 2014

Oven Baked Tandoori Paneer Tikka

I made a very yummy Oven Baked Tandoori Chicken couple of weeks ago, with the same marinate I also made these Tandoori Paneer Tikka, these tandoori duo are such a good starter for party and taste absolutely yummy!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Homemade Garlic Spread

My mum left the states when baby A was only 1 week shy of 3 months old. NS had to start traveling for his work too, mum's flight was the same day as NS, I had to drop her to the airport that night as NS left couple of hours before mum. Seeing them go one after another that day was really depressing. My motherhood was relatively manageable before that with mum and NS around, out of a sudden I am left alone with a young baby.That particular night was one of the hardest for me, I left airport after dropping mum with baby A and cried my way home.

With NS traveling all the time and Baby A not sleeping well at night, I was struggling to do everything alone and was constantly nervous about my baby's well being. NS being a sweet husband had done his research and found a very good daycare near our house, he got us registered and I started sending Baby A two half days a week so that I could run some errands and get some (much needed) rest.

Since baby A was exclusively breastfeed (and still is, it's been 18 months and counting.). I used to go to the daycare in between to feed him. Over time I befriend his teacher Miss Loretta, she is a gem of a person and one of the sweetest I have ever met. Her good nature and thorough care for baby A calms a nervous first time mum like me and in no time I felt at ease leaving baby A with her to go about doing my own stuff.

That was the start of a long term friendship, we have been keeping in touch and exchanging foods ever since! To make a long story short. Miss Loretta sent me a homemade baguette few days ago. I decided to made cream of broccoli soup and some garlic bread from the baguette she sent for dinner.

In return I sent her some homemade garlic spread and soup!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Tofu Paratha (Tofu Flat Bread)

I went shopping with my neighbor S couple of weeks ago, she asked if I know where to buy good silken tofu, so I brought her to a Asian market, I was curious what she wanted the silken tofu for, she told me that she make tofu paratha and her kids loved it! 

She send a few parathas to us later and my son A and I finished them all, they are very tasty and soft, not to mention high in protein!

So I wasted no time to asked for the recipe and made these parathas for NS over the weekends, he was also very impressed and had 6 parathas for his lunch!

Whoever created this parathas recipe is really a genius and whoever it might be, I say : " Thank you". 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweet Coconut Idli (Steam Rice Cake)

I had a packet of frozen shredded coconut in the fridge for a long time, I bought it with the thought of making coconut chutney for idli, for some reason the chutney never materialized. One day I just started craving for Kueh Putu Piring, a kind of steamed rice cake with palm sugar filling that served with some fresh shredded coconut.

Since I had a batch of freshly fermented Idli batter in the fridge, I made this Sweet coconut Idli, soft and tasty. Quite close to what Kueh Putu Piring taste like, it took care of my craving and I was not the only one that feast on it, NS liked it too.

Trotter and ginger in sweetened black vinegar (猪脚醋)

Vinegar trotter is traditionally eaten as a confinement food, there are various ways to prepare this delicious stew, the Cantonese would use only ginger, brown sugar and black vinegar.

But the Malaysian Chinese does it differently, we add some local ingredients that gives this dish some tropical touch!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Red Vinasse Mee Suah (Wheat Vermicelli)

I made my own confinement wine when I was about 5-6 months pregnant. Mum told me that I would need 10-12 bottles for the whole month. So I made my wine in two batches, which yield around 8 bottles of wine and 4-5 boxes of Red Vinasse

I didn't had good appetite during my confinement and ended up using only slightly more than 3 bottles of the wine. Mum sure wasn't all too happy about it and thought I didn't take good care of myself during that crucial month. I was just too busy with the new born clubbing severe sleep deprivation, it was just too hard to think of food!

This Red Vinasse mee suah was a typical confinement breakfast that mum used to made, sometimes if I could not finish the chicken mum cooked for lunch, I would request her to turn it into this mee suah for dinner.

Thinking about all the things that mum did for me during the first few months of my motherhood and having her around was the greatest gift and support a new mom could have. I was lucky and loved indeed.

As I write this, I am missing mum already and is also really excited to announce that mum will be here again next week, I can't wait!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Khichdi (Indian Lentil with Rice)

As a Chinese, I always get to eat mum's porridge when I was sick as a child, and a bowl of hot porridge always comfort me and made me feel better.

For the same reason I always try to figure what comforts NS when he is not well... and I guess..... Kichdi is the answer!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Homemade Seafood Tofu

This tofu used to be something we ordered in the restaurant back home, I have not come to think about making it at home until last couple of weeks, when I saw some of my cooking mate posted their pictures on Facebook.

I didn't follow the recipes posted as I was a little lazy to go shopping for some of the ingredients (I was even out of soy sauce at that time!!). I tweak my version with whatever I have at home, it came out great and a perfect balance of crunchiness at the outside and softness inside. 

This will be a good starter for party and/or a good snack over cold afternoon.
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